Strategic Decisions in Managing Energy Resources

von: Leonard Kahungu

GRIN Verlag , 2018

ISBN: 9783668725713 , 8 Seiten

Format: PDF

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Strategic Decisions in Managing Energy Resources


Academic Paper from the year 2018 in the subject Energy Sciences, grade: 87.00, , course: LRPM, language: English, abstract: There have been major concerns regarding the efficiency in relying on fossil fuels in the production and management of energy in the contemporary world. These concerns are attributed to heated debates regarding the role of fossil fuels in global warming, environmental population, and sustainability. Most organisations in the energy sector are increasingly focusing on clean energy and efficient management of energy resources to achieve secure and sustainable production of power, with some transforming from relying on fossil-powered stations to relying on renewable power sources. In particular, the Green Plains Inc. in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, is one of the classic examples of energy organisations shifting from depending on oil and gas sector to exclusive focus on renewable energy production due to external and competitive factors influencing the company's strategic business decisions. The Green Plains Inc., commonly abbreviated as GPRE in the stocks market, has emerged as one of the leading biofuel producer in the North American region. There exists a list of several justifications indicating GPRE's strategic decision to cease from relying on fossil fuels into using, producing, and distributing renewable energy resources.